Naval Intelligence Awards Program
"C" School Outstanding Graduate

The Navy-Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center Intelligence Specialist (IS) "C" School Outstanding Graduate Award was established in 2006. It recognizes the Outstanding Graduate of each IS "C" School graduating class and all USN or USNR students attending IS "C" School are eligible for the award. The winner is that "C" School student with the highest GPA, who is also an outstanding sailor in his or her graduating class, as decided by the course instructor. The award consists of a certificate of recognition. Those graduates who also achieve a GPA of 96 or higher (95 for Imagery "C" School), also receive a 1-year membership in the Naval Intelligence Professionals.

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2012 was the last year for this award.

IS3 Kasey M. Jordan, USN

ISSN Steven Gelonek, USN
IS2 Nicholas , USN
ISSN Daniel J. Bradford, USN
IS2 (SW) Scott J. Meyers, USN
ISSN David M. Ohnmeiss, USN
ISSN Michael Smith, USN
ISSN Binh Phan, USN
IS1 (SW/AW) Thomas Hinkel, USN

IS2 (FMF) Christopher Hearld, USN
ISSN Britiany L. Najar, USN
ISSN Jonathan Mortimer, USN
ISSN Romero H. Huerbana, Jr., USN
ISSA Mariya D. Mosley, USN
ISSN Andrew S. Smith, USN
ISSN Robert S. McKay, USN
IS1(SW/IDW) Rusiane L. Jones, USN
ISSA Brianna R. Perex, USN
ISSA Ementi A. Coary, USN

ISSN Benjamin R. Hamel, USN
IS1 Joseph L. Butcher, USN
ISSN Mary E. Cox, USN

IS1 (SW/AW) Devin L. Morgan, USN
IS3 (AW) Anthony J. Jiovani, USN
IS3 Steven D. Atnip, USN
IS1 (AW/SW) Veronica F. Short, USN
IS2 Joel Redding, USN
ISSA Seth A. Saenz, USN
ISSN Brittany L. Pennington, USN
ISSA Mikaela D. Hornberger, USN
ISSA Michael Gulland, USN
ISSN Antonio J. Watson, USN
IS2(SW) Mary Heinzl, USN

ISSN Tatiana Nathan, USN

ISSN Jessica E. Jimenez, USN
ISSN Christopher L. Cadiz, USN
IS1 Gregory Jeffers, USN
ISSN Taylor Hart, USN
IS2 Nathan T. Anderson, USN
ISSA Mason F. Veum, USN

IS1 (EXW/SW/AW) Jeanna K. igan, USN
ISSN Chloe A. Mozingo, USN
ISSN Ian A. Chamberlain, USN
ISSN Kristian J. Anderson, USN
ISSN Stephen H. Horsch, USN
IS1(AW/SW) Thomas J. Yates, USN
ISSA David L. Weiland, USN
IS2 James A. Kale, USN
ISSN Teresa P. Barber, USN
IS2 Brooke T. Leban, USN
ISSN Ashley H. Matt, USN
ISSN Lee R. Duwors, USN
IS1(AW/SW) Samuel W. Rhea, USN
ISSR Nicholas J. Goodwin, USN
IS2 (EXW/SW) Joshua D. Holder, USN
ISSN Analee Smithee, USN
ISSN Cali C. Lynch, USN
IS2 (AW) Michael P. Landers, USN

ISSN Anthony R. Barron, USN
ISSN Michael A. Williams, USN
IS3 Keith D. Berninger, USN
ISSN Nicholas Tourville, USNR
IS3 Patrick A. Tarrant, USNR
IS3 Martin D. Wilson, USN
ISSN Andrew Lewis, USN
ISSN Andrew Phillips, USN

LT Timothy P. Chesser, USN

IS2 Jason M. Rumpler, USN
ISSN Nathan S. Barnes, USN
IS3 William C. Solomon, USN
ISSN Abby L. Grimsley, USN
IS1(SW/AW) Kelly S. Spikes, USN
IS3 Dana M. Johnson, USN
ISSN Marc C. Cowans, USN
ISSN Joshua J. Stephens, USN
IS2 Ricardo M Amezcua, USN
ISSN Aretayus J. Parker, USN
ISSN Thomas F. Christie, USN
IS2(AW) Joshua T. Ulrich, USN
ISSN Holly Wilson, USNR
IS2 Robert Gibson, USN
IS2 Bethany Defries, USN
ISSN Alejandro Viveroavila, USN
ISSA Barbara A. Lacy, USN
ISSN Christopher J. Bakogiannis, USN
ISSN Brendon P. McKenna, USN
IS2 Dylan A. Townsley, USN

IS1(AW) Harry I. Iah, USN
IS1 Robert E. Gallagher, USN
ISSN Joseph E. Miracle, USN
IS1(AW) Darryl S. Nicholson, USN
ISSN James E. Holley, USN
ISSN Jason R. Maharry, USN
ISSN James E. Johnson, USN

ISSN Adam L. Sproul, USN
IS1 Nicole E. Geider, USN
ISSN Jonathan R. Barton, USN
IS2 (AW) Aaron M. Kennedy, USN
ISSN Joshua A. Gaynard, USN

LTJG Corey N. Byrne, USN

ISSN Lisa Garisto, USN
ISSA David A. Soloman, USN
ISSN Justin L. Ambrosius, USN
ISSN Scott E. Fee, USN
ISSA Jane E. Powell, USN
ISSN Rebekha D. White. USN
ISSN Laura R. Kaltwasser, USN
ISSN Zachary D. Reich, USN
IS2 Andrew G. Goetze, USN
IS2 James S. Smith II, USN
ISSN Eugene M. Padden, USN
ISSA Christopher A. Nowak, USN
ISSA Matthew P. Carlson, USN
IS2 (SW) Tammy Hinds, USN
ISSN Carina R. Stone, USN
ISSN Haman O. Allen, USN

IS2 Benjamin J. Mongue, USN
ISSN David L. Parks, USN
ISSN Timothy J. Woodcock, USN
IS3 Jace A. Prelip, USN
ISSN Jason W. Gilkey, USN
SA Trevor M. Olink, USN
ISSA Ian S. Westad, USN
IS2 Jon R. DeVinny, USN
ISSN Philip K. Nelson, USN

ISSA Kendal N. Bruin, USN
IS2 Alicia A. Wood, USN
ISSN Eric Hendrikson, USN
IS2 Robert W. Grant, USN
ISSN Jacob C. Willie, USN

IS2 Ama M. Adair, USN
ISC Allen D. Burrell, USN
IS1 Jason K. Warnke, USN

ISSN Matthew K. Zinkel, USN
ISSN Nicholas M. Lowenborg, USN
ISSA Eric J. Hendriksen, USN
IS3 William E. Tuffy, USN
ISSA Brian M. Mandurano, USN
IS2 Tyrone P. Wheeler, USN
ISSA Kurt D. Pierce, USN

ISSN James P. Leach, USN

ISSN Jennifer L. Gallagher, USN