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ONI Announces Planned ONI USW Industry Day 26 January 2021

January 26, 2021 10:00 AM - 4:45 PM
National Maritime Intelligence Center
Suitland, MD

Planned ONI USW Industry Day 26 January 2021

Bottom Lines Up Front:

  1. ONI plans to hold our second TS/SCI USW Industry Day, Tuesday, 26 January 2021.
  2. This event is planned to be a predominantly remotely attended event with minimal travel to reduce pandemic infection risk.
  3. Please share the requested information for desired attendees as soon as feasible.
  4. Please block your calendar for Tuesday, 26 January 2021.


Commander, Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) will host an Undersea Warfare Industry Day to provide Intelligence briefings to improve key Undersea Warfare (USW) contractor knowledge.

USW contractors rely on resource sponsors and program managers to provide intelligence necessary for the successful design, construction, and testing of USW systems. However, despite frequent government-contractor engagement, relevant intelligence assessments often fail to reach supporting contractor teams. This Industry Day will update USW contractor community leaders on potential adversary USW advances and relevant technology trends to help ensure continued U.S. superiority in this critical warfare domain.

ONI requests attendance by appropriately cleared (TS//SI/TK) USW vendors with a valid need-to-know, whose design efforts would be aided by access to relevant intelligence assessments. ONI anticipates this event will be most relevant to those currently designing and building U.S. submarines and other Undersea Warfare systems. This event will include those topics originally intended for the postponed 17 March 2020 Industry Day that were not included in the October event.

This event will be held in a distributed manner, using secure video teleconference facilities for most attendees; and for local attendees without access to secure VTC facilities, in person at ONI’s headquarters at the National Maritime Intelligence Center in Suitland, MD on Tuesday, 26 January, 2020.

Interested organizations are asked to provide a roster of planned attendees as soon as feasible to the POCs listed below. The roster should include attendee:

Contact email
Anticipated clearance and accesses
Home or work zip codes
Availability of a JWICS-capable video teleconferencing facility and COVID capacity

This information will be used to ensure the event is conducted with minimal travel, reducing pandemic infection risk for participants.

The informal clearance and access information will be used to confirm remote site access for attendees. Although the event is expected to be held at TS/SI/TK, some venues may require additional accesses before granting entry. Formal clearance passing and visit requests will be addressed separately for each site as we get closer to the event.

ZIP codes will enable event organizers to determine attendee locations, match them with potential nearby host facilities, and revise agenda to account for attendee time zones without using personally identifying information.

In cases where a JWICS-capable VTC facility is not available, ONI organizers will endeavor to locate an appropriate host facility. For the October event, the remote site / attendee matching work was helped by early feedback from potential attendees. Similar early notice of interest is requested to help plan this iteration.

Key planning dates:

18 November - Open Registration (should be same date as this announcement)
28 December - Close Registration
05 January - Finish Attendee - Site Matching (assuming it only takes a week)
06 January - Send attendees Visit Request / Clearance passing information for all sites
13 January - Visit Request Clearance passing packages due to host sites
20 January - Confirm remote site and ONI Visit Requests received, sat
26 January - Industry Day

Of course, the virus gets a vote, and attendance at this event will be subject to local government movement controls and Health Protection Conditions established for the hosting sites.

In addition to the pandemic concerns, holding any event in January may present weather challenges. ONI follows OPM guidance for the National Capital Region and weather impacts on workforce support may be anticipated. In the event OPM restricts attendance due to weather, this event will be postponed.

ONI’s contacts for this event are LT Tony Broll, Farragut Technical Analysis Center – NIPR, 301-669-2370 and Mr. Craig Shelden, SNIO for USW – NIPR, 301-669-3762.