Jan 11, 2015

RADM Sumner Shapiro Scholarship Program for Academic Year 2015-2016

The Naval Intelligence Professionals (NIP) is a tax-exempt educational and charitable foundation. Through the NIP Foundation, NIP recognizes excellence in naval and maritime-associated intelligence with awards for professional achievements, an essay contest in partnership with AFCEA, and through the Rear Admiral Sumner Shapiro scholarship program. Eligible scholarship candidates are dependent children (under 24 years of age) of regular and reserve Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard officer and enlisted intelligence personnel, both active duty and retired.

The Naval Intelligence Professionals (NIP) is pleased to announce an increase in the amount of all scholarships in the criteria for the Rear Admiral Sumner Shapiro Scholarship Program. The amount of the scholarships will now be $4000 apiece, effective with the 2015-2016 academic year awards.

NIP is proud to offer these six individual $4000 scholarships for the 2015-2016 academic year:

  • Vice Admiral Donald D. Engen Scholarship
  • Captain Richard W. Bates Scholarship
  • Captain George J. O’Donnell, Jr., Scholarship
  • Commander Dan F. Shanower Scholarship
  • Captain (Select) Kurt William Juengling Scholarship
  • Captain Anthony D. Sesow Scholarship

The Sesow Scholarship of $4000 will be awarded to active duty enlisted personnel (Intelligence Specialists). Applicants must be enrolled full-time (12 or more credit hours) or part-time in an accredited Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree program. This scholarship may be shared between two successful candidates.

Selection of all scholarship awardees will be based on academic achievement (Grade Point Average), SAT or ACT scores, extra-curricular activities (including community service), and career objectives. These criteria indicate past and potential academic performance and career goals consistent with the NIF charter. Scholarships will be awarded to the best qualified applicants in the dependent and active duty categories, respectively. One application is all that is required for selection of one of the above scholarships.

Applications for these scholarships, all supporting transcripts, SAT or ACT scores and command endorsement (for active duty applicants only) must be submitted to reach the NIP Scholarship Committee by 15 April 2015. Mail applications to:

Naval Intelligence Professionals
Attn: Chairman, Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 11579
Burke, Virginia 22009-1579

NIP Scholarship Application: All applicants are required to provide the following information for purposes of the selection and for press releases for the scholarship recipients.

  • Name(Last, First, Middle Initial)
  • Address (Street, City, State, Zip Code)
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Active Duty/Retired Sponsor (for dependent applicants only) (Rank/Rate, First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name)
  • Spouse of Active Duty Sponsor (if applicable) (First/MI/Last)
  • Command affiliation of the Sponsor (for retired sponsors, last active duty Command affiliation)
  • Current Command Address of the Sponsor
  • School Currently or Last Attended
  • Academic Score
  • GPA/System (e.g., 3.9 on 4.0 basis)
  • SAT/ACT Score
  • Academic Awards, Sports Awards, Extra-Curricular Activities, Honors
  • Work Experience and current employment, if applicable.
  • College(s) Applied to (name, city, state)
  • College you will attend or are already attending, as appropriate
  • College Degree desired (or selected, as appropriate), including intended Major (and Minor if applicable)
  • Career Goals and Objectives
    • · This should be a short and succinct essay to give insight into your career decision thought processes, how you see yourself fulfilling these goals, and why this career path is important to you.
    • · Additionally, and if applicable, include answers to questions like:
      • · Why your career goals and objectives will assist you in a career with naval or national intelligence organizations or a career that employs intelligence disciplines?
      • · Why do you believe your major or career path is important to the Naval Intelligence Community?
      • · What difference do you believe a Naval Intelligence Professional Scholarship will make in your educational advancement and development of your professional career?
    • · There is no minimum or maximum length requirement for this essay.
  • Media (names and address (including e-mail) of any newspapers where you would like NIF to send a press release in the event of scholarship award)
  • Photograph for press release purposes (optional): preferably 4×6 or 5×7 color photo, such as a high school yearbook picture, Boot Camp graduation photo, or any formal portrait photo.
  • For Enlisted Applicants only: in addition to the information above, please provide the following
    • Command Endorsement for Active Duty Enlisted Applicants (i.e., a brief statement signed by the LCPO, Department Head, XO or CO, citing a compelling reason for the scholarship award)
    • A brief description of current duties and any community volunteer work at your current duty station.
    • For press releases purposes for the scholarship award recipients, enlisted applicants should include names and hometown of parents; high school attended and any honors received for academics or sports in high school; the date of enlistment; Boot Camp and any service schools attended, including dates of graduation from each; duty stations in chronological order; and any personal awards received, e.g., IS “A” School Honors graduate, NAM, NCM, etc.)

Applicants are responsible for the completeness and timeliness of the application package.