Sep 17, 2020

NIP Chairman Announces Plan for 2020’s Annual General Membership Meeting

NIP Annual General Membership Meeting for 2020

Given continued Navy and state restrictions on large gatherings, this year’s general membership meeting is being held over teleconference. In accordance with our NIP By-Laws, this communication serves as notice to NIP members of the date of the meeting and provides the slate of members proposed as new Directors and as NIP officers for the next year. Voting will be accomplished by email from members and all votes must be received by 14 October. Results will be announced during the virtual event on 16 October, 1030-1130. Votes should be “aye” or “nay” for each member nominated as a Director and for each Director nominated as a NIP Officer. Members voting can fill out and return the attached voting form to This fall, we have six of our fifteen Directors departing: Ori Scherr, Mara Motherway, Dick Pera, Tom Nank, John Marshall and Lisa Townsend. We thank them for their outstanding support and contributions to the NIP Board. Two other Board Members, Liz Train and Alex Miller, have completed their three-year terms of office as a Director and have volunteered to continue to serve on the Board.

The virtual general membership meeting will be broadcast with video and audio using “Go-To-Meeting”, a commercial software application. NIP will email specific directions and a link for access to the application and the event only to active, registered members no later than one week before the meeting. Additionally, we will conduct a “pre-flight” test of the application the day before the meeting to help members troubleshoot any connectivity issues.

Also, on 16 Oct, from approximately 1230-1330, NIP has invited and will broadcast comments from Director of Naval Intelligence, VADM Jeff Trussler, Intelligence Community Leader VADM Bob Sharp and Commander of ONI, RADM Kelly Aeschbach. We will use the same Go-To-Meeting application for this video and audio broadcast. The broadcast will only be available for NIP members. Our NIP Chapters have been invited to contribute to questions for the leadership team which are being provided ahead of time.

It is indeed unfortunate we cannot get together with former shipmates in person this fall. We hope conditions improve and we are able to see one another next spring for our annual Red Tie Luncheon. Until then, we’ll keep reaching out “virtually”. Your feedback on the value and quality of these virtual events and on our content is always appreciated as is your continued financial contributions, both membership dues and gifts. Also, please look for our new “READBOOK” publication which will be mailed to members next month.

Thanks for your support!
Tony Cothron,
Rear Admiral, USN, Retired
Chairman and CEO, Naval Intelligence Professionals

NIP Election Slate for Board 0f Directors and Officers - 2020
Nominations for NIP Directors:
RADM (Ret) Liz Train - career Intelligence Officer, former Commander of ONI and former JCS and PACOM J2
__ Aye ___ Nay
RDML (Ret) Alex Miller - Cryptologist and Russian linguist, former COS of NSA, CO of NSGA Misawa
__ Aye ___ Nay
CAPT (Ret) Dave Porcaro - SWO lateral transfer to Intelligence who served afloat and ashore in PACOM and EUCOM as well as the Pentagon
__ Aye ___ Nay
CAPT (Ret.) Stephanie Leung – career Intelligence Officer who served afloat and ashore to include attache duty in Israel.
__Aye ___ Nay
CAPT (ret) Joe Cheneler - SWO lateral transfer to Intelligence serving leadership tours ashore and afloat.
__ Aye ___ Nay
CAPT (ret) Maureen “Mo” Fox -career Intelligence Officer who served in leadership positions ashore and afloat and is a former CO of Information Warfare Training Command, Pensacola, FL
__ Aye ___ Nay
CAPT Ben Snell – active duty Intel Officer currently serving as N2 for US Fleet Forces Command. Prior enlisted, served as afloat and had tours in EUCOM, PACOM and Washington DC
__ Aye ___ Nay
ISC Jessica Billings - active duty ntelligence Specialist with leadership tours ashore and afloat and now assigned to the intelligence training center in San Diego, CA.
__ Aye ___ Nay

Nominations for NIP Officers:

Chairman and CEO: RDML (Ret) Tony Cothron
__ Aye ___ Nay
President: CAPT (Ret) Bill Bray
__ Aye ___ Nay
Secretary: CAPT (Ret.) Stephanie Leung
__ Aye ___ Nay
CFO and Treasurer: CAPT (Ret) Rich Barkell
__ Aye ___ Nay
Foundation: RADM (Ret) Liz Train
__ Aye ___ Nay