Writing for NIP

It is easy to write for the web! It could be anything that has been on your mind as an intelligence professional: a substantive article with academic leanings, an essay on how to professionalize the craft, recommendations for improvement, a caustic letter to the web editor, comments on an article with a link, review a a book or film, or even a look back on deployments just concluded or wars fought long ago. Anything that bears on the craft of maritime intelligence is fair game, and we deliberately cast a wide net. Moving from the constraints of the old hard-copy Quarterly, we have an infinite amount of space and a rapid turn-around time to generate impact on matter relating to Naval Intelligence.

Our authors can include active duty and reserve officer and enlisted issues, civilian professional, generalist or INT-specific topics, be they the national community, USMC, USCG or plain old USN.

You can submit your work via attached files to: NAVINTPRO@aol.com
You can direct inquiries to the NIPWebeditor@gmail.com

You can even actually affix a stamp and mail to:
NIP Web Editor
Post Office Box 11579
Burke, Virginia 22009-1579

Some General Guidelines

If you are reviewing a book, get the thumbnail of the cover from Amazon or Barnes & Noble to go along with the file. If you are doing an article, find appropriate pictures that illustrate your points, and have the copyright permissions to use them. Feel free to embed the images in your Word document; that helps to ensure that captions are properly placed, and that the correct picture is going with the text it is intended to augment.

That said, Word is a pernicious program. Embedded pictures are reduced in pixel quality to 300 DPI- "dots per inch,"- and thus should be enclosed to your email since we may have cause to publish in hard copy as part of our year-end wrap up edition. Send them as separate original picture files (.jpg preferred, but most other common formats can be accepted).

If you have photos that must be returned and you cannot scan them, or have them scanned at the local Kinkos-FedEx, we can do that and return them. It may not be timely, but we are generally trustworthy. My recommendation is to have it done and don't trust precious original photos in the mail, or to the tender ministrations of the Editor and his steam-powered flatbed scanner.

You may be a Veteran PowerPoint Pentagon Ranger, and can fully exploit the fulsome capabilities of the entire Office Suite. Good on you! For our purposes though, do not use the fancy Word tricks like headers and footers, or pagination, or the rest, since frankly only our Webmaster is smart enough to figure that stuff out. If your work is selected to go in a hard copy document, we need the highest quality images we can get.
Bottom line: footnotes neatly included at the foot of each page just increase the possibility of getting something out of whack as the document is translated into something else. Picture of the author is always desired.

If you have something to say about our profession, don't hold it in. The new NIP Web Portal strives to be there for you- dynamic, responsive and relevant! Questions? You can always get to us through an email to the above addresses. We live on the web!