Rear Admiral Sumner Shapiro Scholarship Program

The Rear Admiral Sumner Shapiro Scholarship Program awards scholarships to dependent children (under 24 years of age) of regular and reserve Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard officer and enlisted intelligence personnel. The scholarship program also includes one specifically for active duty USN, USMC, and USCG enlisted personnel serving in intelligence-related assignments.

The application window for the RADM Shapiro Scholarship Program for Academic Year 2021-2022 is OPEN. Dealine for submission of applications is 15 April 2021. NOTE: NIP is accepting online applications only this year; no hard copy submissions.

NIP is proud to offer these six individual $5000 scholarships:

  • Vice Admiral Donald D. Engen
  • Captain Richard W. Bates
  • Captain George J. O'Donnell, Jr.
  • Commander Dan F. Shanower
  • Captain (Select) Kurt William Juengling

The Foundation Scholarship Cycle

  • Announcement of program eligibility requirements and submission procedures (6 months in advance of the 15 April deadline each year)
  • Online Application becomes available
  • Submissions are reviewed by a selected panel of NIP members, who grade each candidate on the announced criteria of academic and athletic achievement, extracurricular activities and community service. Enlisted candidates are also evaluated on service performance.
  • Following the panels selection, a congratulatory letter is sent to each selectee.
  • Press releases are sent to each media outlet designated by the respective scholarship recipients. Letters are also sent to those who were not selected to thank them for their interest and to encourage submission in subsequent years.
  • Finally, an article summarizing the scholarship results is provided to the NIP Quarterly editor.


Vice Admiral Donald D. Engen Awardee (2020)

Ethan Husmann

Ethan Husmann, a sophomore at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, is an aerospace engineering major and computer science minor with an interest in hypersonics, hypersonic missile defense, and space-based sensing. He is motivated by the National Defense Strategy’s observations that our competitive military advantage has eroded and that the increasingly complex security environment is defined by rapid technological change. He hopes to contribute to the advancement of hypersonic capabilities as well as designing defense infrastructure to sense and defend against the hypersonic threat. He gained real world experience through Virginia Tech’s Hume Center for National Security and Technology and the Rocketry club where he worked on their aerostructures subteam. Ethan leveraged his academics and experience into an eight-month co-op with Collins Aerospace where he has learned the engineering design process for large scale programs. Collins Aerospace is part of Raytheon, a world leader in hypersonic missile defense initiatives, which Ethan hopes will lead to an opportunity in his desired field.Ethan is the 2020 recipient of the Vice Admiral Donald D. Engen Scholarship for the second consecutive year.

Sponsor is an active duty officer, Captain Greg Husmann, OPNAV Staff.



Captain Richard W. Bates Awardee (2020)

Jacob Ehret

Jacob Ehret, a rising junior at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), is a physics major with a French language minor and remains committed to a career devoted to climate change mitigation. He sees this issue as the most critical problem facing our society and one that directly impacts national security. Severe weather, loss of arable land, and mass migration - amongst other impacts - all threaten global stability. He believes these threats can be reduced through creative and multidisciplinary approaches where Jacob intends to establish himself as a leader. He believes solving complex problems requires science and mathematics as well as linguistic and cultural understanding. Jacob changed his major from public policy to physics to gain the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) background and essential problem-solving skills for climate change mitigation. Through his work at UCLA’s Simulated Planetary Interiors (SPIN) Lab and academics he learned mathematical and scientific-reasoning while developing skills in data analysis and electrical engineering. His minor will assist in eventually visiting French-speaking countries in Africa where much climate change effort must be directed. Jacob is the recipient of 2020 Captain Richard W. Bates Scholarship for the third consecutive year.

Sponsor is a retired officer, Commander Jeanine Ehret, formerly of COMTHIRDFLT staff.



Captain George J. O'Donnell, Jr. Awardee (2020)

Christopher Rielage

Christopher Rielage, a rising senior at Stanford University, is majoring in East Asian studies (China Subplan) including studying Mandarin. He is a member of the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps and has joined the Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture program. Last summer he traveled to Beijing on a language immersion program with the University of Notre Dame getting a first-hand look at life in China. He is also a very active member of the Stanford Student Space Initiative which conducts Space security research. Christopher worked as a teacher’s assistant for “The Face of Battle,” a class built around battlefield staff rides and field trips to Washington, D.C. introducing civilian students to the military. Additionally, he has published in the U.S. Naval Institute’s Proceedings and Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC) and will be writing two major projects this coming year: a thesis on the US Navy in China from 1844 to 1911 and an honors project on the role of non-state actors in space warfare. Christopher plans to start his professional career as a surface warfare officer and pursue intelligence, foreign area officer or attaché work as he progresses. Christopher is the recipient of the 2020 Captain George J. O’Donnell, Jr. Scholarship for the third consecutive year.

Sponsor is a retired officer, Captain Date Rielage, formerly of COMPACFLT staff.



Commander Dan F. Shanower Awardee (2020)

Evan O’Connor

Evan O’Connor, a graduate of DoD High School in Naples, Italy, is now a rising sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in nursing with a language studies minor to exploit his six years of Mandarin training already completed. He is a member of the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps with a four-year commitment to the Nursing Corps. Ethan is equally interested in international relations and intelligence. After reading Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction, Ethan was inspired to volunteer for the Good Judgement Project, a program funded by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) to foster more accountable and accurate forecasts which engaged him in diverse medical, economic, and geopolitical topics. As he considers his future, Ethan met with a CIA case officer to learn how his medical skills could be employed in an intelligence career discovering that Nurse Practitioners with military experience are utilized by the CIA for a variety of support and other activities. He hopes this scholarship will assist him financing a summer immersion program in Taiwan for language and culture. Evan is the recipient of the 2020 Commander Dan F. Shanower Scholarship.

Sponsor is an active duty officer, Commander Sean O’Connor at the National Defense University.


Captain (Select) Kurt William Juengling Awardee (2020)

Sydney Brenneman

Sydney Brenneman is a 2020 graduate of Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, Virginia and will be a freshman at the University of San Diego. She intends to join the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps.  As a senior, she was the captain of both the women’s varsity basketball and lacrosse teams. As a member of DECA throughout high school, which prepares emerging leaders for business careers, Sydney directed fundraising campaigns that contributed roughly $3,000 to the Backpack Buddies Foundation of Loudoun to help prevent childhood hunger within Loudoun County, over $8,000 to the Madison Small Foundation to raise awareness and support meningitis research, and over $3,000 for the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. to help children with pediatric brain cancer. Her professional goal is to become an Intelligence Officer so that she can serve our country and play a critical role in fighting the war on terrorism. After completing an undergraduate degree, she hopes to have the skills to identify and track money flows to discover terrorist cells and map terrorist networks. She wants to create adversary financial pictures, identify suspicious transactions and activities, and uncover potential new leads that will help solve cases and beat our nation’s enemies. Sydney is the recipient of the 2020 Captain (Select) Kurt William Jeungling Scholarship.

Sponsor is retired officer Lieutenant Commander Stephen Brenneman.



Captain Anthony D. Sesow Awardee (2020)

Intelligence Specialist First Class Amber Hart

 Intelligence Specialist First Class Amber Hart is a member of the N2 Department at Navy Cyber Warfare Development Group (NCWDG) conducting research to assist in the development, testing and delivery of advanced cyber, cryptologic and electronic warfare capabilities to the U.S. Navy and she attends the University of Maryland Global Campus as a Political Science major with a 4.0 grade point average. The commanding officer of NCWDG describes IS1 Hart as, “a sustained superior performer and innovative thinker.” In her ten year career, she has been assigned a variety of duties including as an imagery analyst at the Office of Naval Intelligence, working for the Maritime geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) office, and serving as a full-motion video analyst embarked in the USS McFaul (DDG-74) on a U.S. Africa Command deployment. Given the opportunity to transition into the operational intelligence (OPINTEL) community, IS1 Hart served as the lead Intelligence Specialist at VAQ-135 deploying to both the Pacific and Central Command areas of responsibility. Her experience as the Leading Petty Officer at multiple commands sparked her passion for encouraging and enhancing the professional and personal lives of her shipmates. The Navy has given IS1 Hart more than she thought possible from traveling the world, meeting people from all walks of life, sailing the open seas, and working in intelligence programs of continuous and endless diversity. IS1 Hart’s goal is to obtain her Bachelor degree as soon as possible and apply to Officer Candidate School to be an Intelligence Officer. She is the recipient of the 2020 Captain Anthony D. Sesow Scholarship.




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