Feb 05, 2018

TAPS: CDR Robert E. Bublitz, USN-Ret.

24 January CDR Robert E. Bublitz, USN-Ret.

He was Commanding Officer of the Munich Task Force in the mid 1960's and other positions, at his home in New Jersey. He was 90. A Legion of Merit recipient, Bob was a family man with multiple interests. A consummate professional, he was an astute student of international affairs, having contributed to the Naval Institute Proceedings. He had a refined sense of humor as well. In the fall of 1968, prior to the annual Army-Navy football game, he directed the construction of a 4'x8' blue banner with gold letters that said, "Go Navy Beat Army". It had a large football in the middle. One early afternoon, the banner mysteriously appeared on the balcony over the entrance to the stately Army Headquarters building at McGraw Kaserne in Munich. It remained there for quite a while as shifts changed. It was reported that nobody could find the key to the balcony door.

We will miss you, Bob.