NIPMail is an Internet e-mail list (the Internet version of a Naval message "AIG"). All NIP members are eligible to subscribe to the list. NIPMail is intended to be a forum for discussion of a wide range of topics of interest to our membership, including:

  •  Discussions on the history of naval intelligence.
  •  Notification of NIP meetings/reunions/other events.
  •  Items of interest to intelligence professionals on the Internet.
  •  Discussion of current events.
  •  Forwarding news items of interest.
  •  Suggestions for NIP board of directors.
  •  Suggestions for future research by students at military schools.
  •  Unclassified trip reports/after action reports.
  •  Joint Intelligence developments.
  •  Member "Networking".
  •  Any other items of interest to naval intelligence professionals (this topic will be guided by our moderator).


This service is for the use of NIP members only. Other individuals or intelligence-related organizations desiring additional information about NIP should direct inquiries to

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